We all know that heels are Heavenly. High heels, low heels, heels for every occasion. But you wouldn’t wear your six-inch bejeweled heels to a ladies’ brunch or work meeting (or would you?). Let’s break down when your heels should shoot for the stars and when it’s better to stay down-to-earth:

Breakfast Meeting?

Go low! Unless you’re a mega morning person, you’ll probably want to feel a bit more grounded for an early morning get together. Lower “daytime” heels, like LOMAY, will be more appropriate for any meet-up before noon.

Dinner Date?

Go high! You’ll be sitting down for most of the night, so you’ll only have your entrance and exit to make a big impact from head-to-toe. We love the perforated silhouette on UDO, and the colour choices let you pair it with absolutely any outfit.

Going Dancing?

High, high, high! Sky high heels will help you stand out in a crowded club and will make your legs look amazing while you’re bopping and shaking. ZULA is über elegant with a sturdy heel to keep you coordinated. 

And when in doubt, wear whatever you want…because you can! #Girlpower

We’re all about heels. But don’t forget to show some love to our summer time favourite: flats! Check out our last blog post to see what type suits you best.
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